Love Each Other Always

Mission: We give love to everyone by distributing food, clothing, toys, and education!

Our Partners


We give food, clothes, toys, and education to people in need. We deliver this directly through our nonprofit to communities through donations and volunteers. As a charitable organization we raise awareness for people facing poverty and hunger issues by bringing dignity back to charity through abundant giving.


People and corporations just like you donate money, resources, and time to the cause of helping just one more person through charitable organizations and nonprofits. Those gifts of love, charity are used to buy food, clothes, toys, and education. Then the gifts of love are distributed in the community to those in need by our volunteers.


We know that a world in which people are loved is a better place. We dare you to imagine a charity with us, how a nonprofit can feed a child and/or family, with clean water, safety, clothes, toys, and an education. Imagine a charitable organization that can create a world of heaven on earth. Thank you for your support.

Stories of Love

Sarah Miles

“I am so thankful for LEOA. When my mom was going through breast cancer I was able to get healthy food for our family while I was going to college. It was a huge blessing and now my mom is healthy and we get to volunteer at a great nonprofit.” – Sarah Miles

Dottie Williamson

“Bills have been tight for Aunt Dottie. Ever since Samuel passed away she struggled to pay the bills and feed her two cats. Sometimes she would give her own food so the cats could eat. I am so thankful for a nonprofit like LEOA and how they have made a way for her to eat healthy and more often. All the extra food has been a big improvement in her quality of life. We are forever grateful for your charity. Thank you so much.” – Cindy Williamson

The Barrow Family

“I lost my job and times were tight. LEOA made it possible for us to float while I looked for new work. Now I contribute every month to help other families who struggled like we did. LEOA served us free food, groceries, and toys during a rough quarter and got us through Christmas. Thank you to everyone who makes it happen this charity.” – Max Barrow

Univision Channel 19 News Features LEOA Foundation

“A big thank you to Univision for supporting our nonprofit and getting the word out to people with Love. For my English speaking friends watch the video with English Captions on. Please subscribe, like, and comment. Your support of our charitable organization and your charity is appreciated. Thank you.” – Mariam

LEOA In Action

Love Each Other Always!

Public Service Announcement

LEOA Recommends Always Washing Your Fruits & Vegetables

Everybody likes to have clean vegetables and fruit. LEOA recommends you always wash your fruits and vegetables with cool clean water and lots of love. That way you stay healthy and safe.

This public service charity announcement is brought to you by the nonprofit Love Each Other Always a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

“Love one another, as I have loved you.” – Jesus

“Love one another, as I have loved you.”
– Jesus